Keeping little people happy…..

I can hear you sniggering as you read the title to this blog post, who actually has the answer of how to keep little ones happy! Any of you who know me and read my blog on a regular basis know that I really don’t have the answer to this question and spend much of my time with my head in my hands or shoving a chocolate bar in my mouth!

Well recently I have noticed that the boys have both been paying much more attention to what I get up to. A huge part of my life is blogging, taking photographs for Instagram and being creative as a way to bring wellbeing and mindfulness. One of the things I have encouraged is for the boys to choose a notepad each that they can draw and write in whenever they fancy and express their creative sides too. They have become very interested in what pencils they use, colours and which ones go together well and thinking about they joy they get from making things.

So when I was asked to become a Brand Rep for Mila and Pheebs who create fantastic craft and stationary boxes for children I jumped at the chance. This month Nate and Leo received a lovely box full of fun activities all with a Farm theme. There were treats to please any craft and stationary lover boy or girl and the box was so full that neither of them moaned about having to share so you can imagine I was really impressed!

This months box contained a hand puppet kit which needed to be sewn, a pack of decorations to make a sheep on the front of a greetings card (perfect for mothers day!) Some blank cards and envelopes for the card making, foil farmyard stickers, foam stickers, a gorgeous pencil with eraser topper, a cute Iwako cow eraser (which I may have snaffled for myself!) Some farm animal shaped crayons, a cockerel paperclip, colouring sheets, a maze, a notepad and a wordsearch.

The absolute delight the boys had opening the box was so lovely to see and they both made cards straight away for their Nana using the crayons, stickers and sheep decorations! We filmed the ‘unboxing’ and I think you will agree how fab these boxes are! The good thing about the box is that the boys are doing the activities over a period of time so it’s not just a ten minute thing. Mila and Pheebs have bought happiness and encouragement to the boys and their burgeoning craft and stationary addictions!

As a brand rep for this amazing company I can offer my blog readers a 10% discount on subscriptions made at when you enter the discount code ‘tiredfromwhitstable’. At £10 a box they are great value so to get an extra 10% off that is too good to miss.

I as you know welcome anything which makes life with two very lively boys simpler and more fun without making me a stressed and tired mess. This has been one of the things this month which I can say definitely ticks all the right boxes for me!

If you would like to watch the video of the boys and the content of this months box you can do so here. I will also add it to my Facebook page for any of you that follow me there.

I hope you are having a fantastic week so far and that Pancake day brings you all the pancake delights you desire (anyone else bought the biggest put of Nutella you can buy?!)


Author: TiredfromWhitstable

I'm Lucy, a 32 year old working mother and wife from Whitstable in Kent. This blog is for all my musings on life and follows my eternal struggle to juggle everything from being a mum, a volunteer youth mentor, a wife and making a lovely home and garden. Please join me!

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