Weekend meals made easy…..

As we all know the world is full of stereotypes. Ways we think things should be and we often measure ourselves based upon them. There are many examples of these and often they can be gender specific. Things like men are always strong and women need to be looked after. Women make better nurses and my personal favourite women can all cook.

Alas the last one is not me. I can cook, I can provide a meal for my family however Delia Smith I ain’t. Nigella would be disgusted at some of my recipe attempts and I always buy cakes for the school bake sales instead of making them from scratch.

It was never something that hugely bothered me and when I was growing up we often didn’t have time for baking as my mum had to care for me and my sister who had severe learning disabilities as well as working and running a home while my dad mostly worked away. It was hard and from a young age I was more bothered about listening to music and reading than anything else.

So I never really learned to cook gourmet food, I don’t knit or crochet and I struggle with sewing if I’m honest (how lucky is my hubby!) but I get by, I have the classics under my belt, spag Bol, pasta bakes, jacket potatoes, stews and roasts but that’s about as adventurous as I get. Like many families too we struggle with having the time to cook a meal from scratch when you incorporate ten hours at work, school, after school clubs and all manner of other things that need doing every day.

Recently the lovely people at Britmums sent out an email offering families the chance to try out the new Rustlers southern fried chicken burgers ……. I thought why not. They are quick, easy and all of my boys including Karl love burgers. The people at Rustlers set a challenge for you to be creative, to take photos of your families individual ways of making an exciting meal with their burgers. What did my boys want? Burger with wait for it……. chips! I couldn’t get any kind of negotiation in, that was it! Burgers, chips and salad. So that’s what we did and I have to say they were yummy.

I’ve always been a bit funny about microwave food however I do believe for a quick meal particularly at the weekends that not only are they handy they are also able to made into a totally healthy family friendly meal!

What do you eat over the weekend when the family is in a rush? Are you a cliche like us and have the normal or would you spice your burger up somehow?

This post is an entry for the britmums ‘Rustlers burger hacking challenge’ sponsored by Rustlers. Click here for more info.


Stationary boxes, parenting and the lovely Mila and Pheebs

This week like many others has flown by and I sit here on a Saturday afternoon wondering what happened to Monday!

It was always something I heard older people say about time flying and things going in the blink of an eye but as a younger person I would snigger and think about the world before me.

Now as a mother I often want to push the pause button and have time to actually savour the days as opposed to rushing through them and wondering how I have managed.

Life for me as many of you know is a constant state of juggling balls and spinning plates. Sometimes I don’t manage and end up with smashed plates all over the place and the balls hitting me in the head and other times I actually manage to get to the end of the week with a smile on my face and a glass of wine in my hand.

I have always and will always admire fellow mums who decide to do things their way. Whether that be by championing flexible working, starting their own businesses or other approaches to parenting. This is one of the many things I love about the community of people I have met through blogging and social media.

There are mums who work in photography, life coaching, floristry, writing, law, mentoring and various other fields all of whom do this around their children and running a home. One of these mums is the very lovely Alexis who is mum to twins who inspired her stationary business Mila and Pheebs.

The boys have been receiving stationary boxes from Mila and Pheebs for sometime. They are a monthly box which has a new theme each month. They include not only stationary but craft activities and other things to keep children amused and engaged. None of the contents require a screen or electricity and they come addressed to your children so they feel very special.

I have always filmed the boys opening their boxes as I love to see their reaction and surprise as they go through the boxes contents. The most recent box was themed around food and the boys had a blast making their own menus and using the craft equipment to make ice cream cones. You can see the most recent unboxing along with all the others here.

Sadly due to my being tired, a bit ill and ever so slightly overworked I actually filmed the most recent box opening vertically as opposed to horizontally. You have my massive apologies in advance. To say I’ve been off my game is an understatement. This week I’ve fallen over, forgotten keys, forgotten my lunch, over slept and just in general been shoddy at life!

Alexis like many business owners is really keen to hear more about what her customers and potential customers want and need from her product. She has asked if I would get my readers to take part in a short survey and in return she will be running a prize draw for anyone who takes the time to fill it in. Now that can’t be a bad thing! If you would like to take part in the survey please click here. You can also find out more about the amazing products Mila and Pheebs offer at the website here.

I hope that you have had a more productive and organised week than me but if you haven’t you can rest assured that you are in great company. There are parents the world over who are sat with a glass of wine in hand wondering how on earth they made it through this week and how will they get everything ready for the commencement of the next one (Just reminded me I need to wash the school uniforms!)

Much love, Lucy xxx