Thoughts for the weekend

I hope everyone reading this has been having a fantastic weekend. Mine as per normal has been really busy but lots of fun.

With the children being on school holidays weekends tend to become a bit like any other day especially for us as both weekends and week days are often working days for us.

We get a couple of weekends off together as a family in a five week period. These as you can imagine get booked up quite a way in advance. I love that we have things to look forward to whether it be meeting up with friends, seeing family, children’s party’s, outings (you get the drift!) I also would imagine that there are many families who are exactly the same as us and the weekends are just as manic as week days! 

This being our first weekend at home and off of the summer having not seen many friends while we were away we had lots of plans. It started with a community fun day where I helped along with the face painting along with my mum. I’ve always been relatively skilled in the past however I felt that the children expected more this year and I had a couple of ‘well that’s not very good’ moments. What do you say?! I tried the ‘ha ha, I’m not a professional’ which was met with even more funny looks as the particular small girls who had an issue with their frozen tiaras walked off. 

There was a game of rounders which was fab although I managed to fall over while trying to get to fourth base before Nate, my eldest. He of course out ran me and then laughed as I did a comedy style commando role across the grass. Needless to say that despite being a runner I am still a bit achey this morning.

We then met up with some fantastic friends of ours on the beach at Whitstable for fish and chips. We came equipped with a bottle of prosecco, some beer for the boys and some children’s plastic cup (poor preparation I know!) when we got there it was literally blowing a gale. There were still people everywhere but you could see that it wasn’t the best time to be sat in the middle of the elements!

So my friend and I let the husbands take the children (my two and their twins) onto the beach and we sat in a wooden shelter huddled up and drinking prosecco from a scooby doo cup and a dinosaur cup. It was one of the best times I’ve had all week. I won’t go into the lovely but extremely noisy fish and chip dinner we had after or the faces of all the other people who had come in for a ‘quiet and peaceful’ dinner.

We ended up going back to our house which resembles something out of a crime scene and sat amongst the piles of toys and drank some more and laughed. What lovely friends that they will happily sit in your house surrounded by stuff and still smile with you!

Today I’ve done some tidying, done the children’s party for the day, been and bought a couple of outfits for the London trip (this week eeek!) and now catching up with family I’ve not seen in years. 

I have felt strange watching the news, full of hope and happiness with the Olympics and then sad and disheartened when I see the image of the small boy with a head injury in the back of an ambulance in Syria after an air strike. No one hugging him because there were so many others to help. How scared must that boy have been? How much hate can there be in our world! It made me think that we should all try and be a bit nicer to each other. What good does it do treating others badly? Whether you are sat in a shelter with a friend or making bugs and junk modelling with your children, running a marathon or out working to pay your bills I hope you have plenty of love this week. I really do think our world needs it xx

Author: TiredfromWhitstable

I'm Lucy, a 32 year old working mother and wife from Whitstable in Kent. This blog is for all my musings on life and follows my eternal struggle to juggle everything from being a mum, a volunteer youth mentor, a wife and making a lovely home and garden. Please join me!

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