Sexism….. In 2016?! 

Happy new week to you all.

This post will be a bit out there as I am usually very light hearted but sadly this last week I have had to deal with sexism and I felt due to the emotions it has stirred up that a post would be a really good way to deal with them.

I am well aware that in 2016 sexism can still be an issue in countries all over the world, I’m not a idiot. However it’s something that doesn’t really factor into day to day life in my world.

I work in a male orientated job, that has never been an issue for me and I can honestly say that I have never seen it more than a couple of times and that was in individuals not the organisation.

Sometimes I wonder if sexism isn’t so much of an issue until children become involved, when you can do all the things male colleagues can do, work all the hours, change commitments at short notice and not have a pull from your home life affecting your decision making process. 

This definitely changed for me when I became a mum and went from being a full time worker with no issues in working back to back days, twenty hour days (you get the drift) to someone who had to work around childcare and my husbands hours. I have to on some days say that I can’t stay on because I have to be home for the boys and I can’t so readily change my working days at short notice because I don’t just have me to think about anymore. 

My enthusiasm and ability to do my job hasn’t changed whatsoever in fact being a mother I think has added to my life experience and makes me a better worker. There isn’t a parent in the world who doesn’t become more efficient having had children (I remember changing a nappy on one child while on the phone to my mum and using one leg to rock Leo’s baby swing to get him to sleep!). 

So why then are so many women left feeling that they aren’t so important? I have come across the attitudes suggesting that as a part time worker I’m not as efficient, I’m not part of the team as much as a full time worker and that I make it hard for people to take leave as I have more days off. This isn’t just from men I hasten to add but also from some female colleagues who are yet to have children (I liken them to me seven years ago but with a much worse attitude!)

The thing that makes me laugh is even though I am a part time worker I still feel like I miss more than I gain with the boys and have to rely on my parents to do much of the childcare as I simply can’t get there for drop off, pick up and dinner time every day, sometimes I don’t even manage bed time. 

I have always been a woman who believed that women should work, I’ve always wanted a career and strived very hard to get to where I am today. However I envy all the women who have the most important career in the world, being a mum and running a family. I’m only half good at that! 

This is why I love my Instagram and my blog, it’s something I can do around the boys and with them at times. How amazing would life be if that was my main career aside from being the Fisk household mummy? (Pie in the sky I hear you all saying! But a girl can dream.)

I take my hat off to everyone in this world man, woman who are out there everyday being a good parent, husband, wife, co-worker, stay at home parent or anything else and accept that life is so bloody hard so I guess my question is why make it harder for eachother? 

Whatever you are doing this week I hope it’s an amazing one and please never forget how important you are xx

Author: TiredfromWhitstable

I'm Lucy, a 32 year old working mother and wife from Whitstable in Kent. This blog is for all my musings on life and follows my eternal struggle to juggle everything from being a mum, a volunteer youth mentor, a wife and making a lovely home and garden. Please join me!

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