Magazines, explosions and squirrels 

Hey all, how are we?

So this weekend has been spent mostly with me resting after my op. My husband has taken some time off work to have the boys and I’ve been lucky enough to have been bought some gorgeous flowers and lots of home magazines.

I have been feeling a bit recently like I’ve wanted to make a few changes in the house (I do this, move rooms around on a whim often) but I wanted to have some inspiration so thought it a perfect time to peruse some mags and have a think about what should go where.

I am a huge fan of solid wooden pieces and I love things to have a history. As you know I love upcycling and am not adverse to repainting something again and again to get the look I want.

So, Saturday morning, we had a lay in, I woke up in lots of pain and decided it was best to rest in bed. My mum came over and we drank tea and I read my magazines between snoozes. My mind was buzzing and full of ideas, digging out the bunting I meant to put up when we moved and haven’t, how lovely would it be to refurbish an old Ercol armchair for my sunny window, making shelves out of old drawers lined with wallpaper for the boys room etc.

I love reading about the stories behind people’s homes, who they live with, what their tastes are and about some of the treasured items they have in their home. I admire the women so nicely dressed and surrounded by beautiful things and hope that one day one of my favourite magazines might just include my home.

Anyway Sarurday afternoon Nate refused to go to his Art Class which was a real shame as he is amazing at it and always comes home with some lovely work. His teacher Linda runs Bridge House Arts in Whitstable and is not only extremely talented but has a way of harnessing Nate’s imagination so he can put his ideas down using paint and pastels. So Karl took both boys to the supermarket. This was never going to end well as my children and the supermarket are like trying to make oil and water mix. It never works and just makes a massive mess.

I fell asleep at about seven pm with the boys in bed next to me. Karl made dinner, woke me up, we ate, the boys went to bed and I watched Adele at Glastonbury (amazing) before going to sleep again.

Yesterday Karl took the boys to church and I stayed in bed. I managed to sleep for a couple of hours but the pain for really bad so I woke up for some tablets. At this point I thought I could carry on with some of my magazines but first I needed tea. I got up and walked to the kitchen, I blinked in the light of day, my home looks like a bomb has hit it. A bomb of boys! Toys, scooters, socks, pencils, paper, Lego, playmobil, dinosaurs and all manner of other stuff are laying all over every piece of floor I can see and I make my tea around the carnage before getting back into bed.

An hour or so later I realise that I need to shower so make myself get up, the bathroom had been used as some sort of laboratory and the boys had left cereal bowls full of various coloured potions made mostly with my expensive toiletries on every surface in the bathroom. Again I just carry on, I shower and dress all the while thinking about all the lovely things I am planning for the house when I’m feeling better.

My parents as you know live only a few doors down and very kindly they offered to cook dinner yesterday. Karl came to collect me and said that I could lay on the sofa if I needed to while I was there. As we pulled into my mums drive karl also mentioned seeing a squirrel earlier in the day that appeared to be injured. Sure enough as we drove down I saw quite a large and obviously injured grey squirrel laying at the side of the driveway looking quite worse for wear.

We parked at mums and got out of the car, I felt dizzy as I walked down to the squirrel and by this point the boys had come out of my mums and offered their unique kind of assistance with rescuing said poorly squirrel. As I got closer I saw that Karl had managed to scoop up Mr Squirrel and had him laying in his hands. Now this next part is a bit of a blur, Leo lunged forwards slightly and the squirrel got spooked, Karl made a strange high pitched noise and there was blood pouring out of his hand onto the driveway. Yes you guessed it the squirrel had bitten Karl.

So a tetanus jab, a prescription for antibiotics later and dressing a sizeable squirrel bite I sat down again. Only my husband could manage to get mauled by a squirrel in the middle of his nursemaid duties!

Today he is sore and feeling sorry for himself, I am on the sofa still surrounded by explosions of the mess variety but thinking about how lovely the house is when nice and tidy and wondering what Ideal Home Magazine would think if they turned up now!

Happy Monday! Xx


Author: TiredfromWhitstable

I'm Lucy, a 32 year old working mother and wife from Whitstable in Kent. This blog is for all my musings on life and follows my eternal struggle to juggle everything from being a mum, a volunteer youth mentor, a wife and making a lovely home and garden. Please join me!

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